We have introduced several new automatic tin box making lines

Dec 29 , 2020

Recently, Xingtaican has introduced several advanced intelligent tin box making production lines, mainly used for automatic production of lids.

intelligent tin box

The latest production line uses  manipulators with suction cups to suck up the tin plate and put it into the punching machine instead of human actions, it can complete a series of punching processes of blanking, trimming, pre-rolling, and crimping, which greatly improves production efficiency.

So far, we have more than 20 production lines and 10 automatic capping production lines.

With the continuous improvement of consumers' taste, many brands  often worry about how to design packaging to attract consumers when they launch new products. In fact, tin boxes are a good choice, which have been widely used in snacks, wine, tea, tobacco, cosmetics and health care products and many other fields. Compared with other packaging forms, tinplate cans can be molded into various shapes and are environmentally friendly.

Jinjiang Xingtai Can Making Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of tinplate boxes and tinplate cans.  We have different specifications of candy boxes, cookie tin boxes, tea tins, gift boxes, watch tin boxes, coin bank tin boxes, coffee tin cans, cosmetic tin boxes, and so on. Besides, we can provide customized services for shapes and patterns, and we have sufficient  production capacity to provide customers with high-quality services.

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