Several special-shaped tin boxes

Jan 30 , 2021

As we all know, tinplate boxes are mostly square or round. However, there are also some other shapes of metal tin boxes, which we call special-shaped tin boxes. Today, I will introduce some special-shaped tin boxes produced by our company, which are very beautiful with responsive patterns.

1) This is a mouse shaped tin box. The pattern is a mouse, and its beard is embossed, looks very cute.

mouse shaped tin box

2) A piano shaped tin box, coupled with piano design, full of artistic flavor.

piano shaped tin box

3) This tin box is shaped like a peanut with a squirrel printed on it. We know that squirrels like nuts the most.

tin box customized

4) This is a triangular tin box with some concave dots on the lid and body, which is very delicate.

triangular tin box wholesale

5) Is the flower-shaped tin box very cute? This  tin box can also add beads handle.

flower-shaped tin box wholesale

6) This is a candy-shaped tin box, which is perfect for holding candy.

candy-shaped tin box supplier

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