Hinged tin boxes

Jan 26 , 2021

Today, I’d like to introduce several metal tin boxes with hinges. The hinges are used to connect the lid of the box to the body and control its opening and closing, which is convenient and beautiful.

1) A rectangular hinged tin box with two sizes: 200×131×50mm and 142×101×42mm.

rectangular hinged tin box

2) Another rectangular hinged tin box with handle and lock, the size is 180×130×55mm.

rectangular hinged tin box

3) A special hinged tin box with rope and lock, and there is a window on the front of it, filled with foam like snow. The size of this tin box is 240×217×65mm.

rectangular hinged tin box

4) A mini hinged tin box, can be used to hold small candies, mints and the like. Its size is 90×36×110mm.

mini hinged tin box

5) For tin pencil boxes, hinges are indispensable. This is a racing car shaped tin box, the size is 205×90×50mm.

tin pencil boxes

6) This small rectangular hinged tin box is a lipstick box. Its size is 130×35×30mm and there is a mirror on the lid for ladies to make up.

small rectangular hinged tin box

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