Tin coin bank for kids

Jan 15 , 2021
A cute piggy bank is indispensable in a child's childhood. A piggy bank teaches your kids the value of many and  the art of saving money. Therefore, while giving a child money, give him a piggy bank or a coin bank to teach him how to accumulate and spend frugally.

Tin coin bank is beautiful and environmentally friendly. Let me introduce some popular tin money boxes of our company.

The first tin money box is a small square tin box with a coin hole on its lid. The size of it is 75*75*78 mm. It can be used to package watches, accessories and other items. After completing the responsibility of packaging, it can be used as a coin bank for kids.

coin bank for kids

The second tin piggy bank is a heightened version of the first. Larger size can hold more coins.

tin piggy bank

The  third one is a round tin box ,with a PVC window on the front and a coin hole on its lid. This means that you can see more and more coins from the front when you save money, which is very interesting.

tin piggy bank

The last one is a very popular round tin piggy bank, which can be printed with various cartoon patterns and is very cute.

round tin piggy bank

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