Several metal boxes for cosmetics

Jan 08 , 2021

Every woman loves beauty and has a lot of skin care products and cosmetics in her daily life. Girls, whether they can make up or not, like all kinds of cosmetics as if they were born with the habit. I've heard a saying that you only need one lipstick to make your girlfriend happy. If one lipstick doesn't work, you need two.

Containers are very important to cosmetics. Many well-known cosmetics have unique containers that can be recognized at a glance. Nowadays, tin box packaging has been widely used in the cosmetics industry. The cosmetics we need every day, such as lipstick, eye shadow, balm, skin care products, etc., can be packaged in metal boxes, which look fashionable and retro with a special flavor. And the cosmetic packaging tin box can be retained for storing some small items after use, which is environmentally friendly.

Here are some of our products that are suitable for cosmetics containers.

This small rectangular tin box is just right to hold a lipstick. Its size is 130×35×30mm and there is a mirror on the lid for ladies to make up.

small rectangular tin box

The next one is a larger rectangular metal box, which is used to hold the mask. Its size is 167×143×34mm, and it can hold about ten pieces of mask.

small rectangular tin box

This small oval tin box is actually very Mini cute, suitable for perfume and so on. Its size is 50×38×25mm.

small oval tin box

The last one is a very popular aluminum cream jar. It has many sizes and can meet customers' demand for capacity.

aluminum cream jar

Welcome to contact us to customize your own shape and pattern for your cosmetic container, which will definitely make your product stand out.

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