An Introduction of watch packaging tin boxes

Jan 06 , 2021

Tinplate box is one of the most commonly used packaging for watches. As we all know, metal boxes are environmentally friendly and recyclable. In addition, you can also make some effects that carton packaging can't do, such as 3D emboss, or blasting oil printing. Let's take a look at some of the best-selling tin watch boxes.

1. A common style is a square watch tin box, and a transparent PVC window can be opened on the top cover of the watch can to make the goods inside clear at a glance. The item number is D-F004, and the size is 75×75×78mm.

square watch tin box

2. Another is a round watch tin box, the item number is D-Y002 and the size is Φ80×78mm. The inside of the tin watch box is usually equipped with an EVA base to protect the watch.

round watch tin box

3. D-Y001C is also a round watch tin box with the size ofΦ76×90mm. This metal tin box printed with cute cartoon patterns is very suitable for children's watch packaging.

round watch tin box

4. Another option is to heighten the box with the window on the side. This is the latest model, and there are several sizes available, The item number is D-Y003.


5. In addition to round and square, tin watch boxes can also be made into other shapes, such as the hexagon below.

These metal boxes can also be used for jewelry packaging. Of course, pattern customization is very convenient. Welcome to contact us.

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